Thor: The Dark World and she’s up all night to Get Loki #MovieReview


Step away from this platform if you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World yet and would like the suspense to last longer. Skip to the bottom of the post for my Ratings. 


So! Where do I begin?!
Of course! I know where to begin. THOR!! It’s in the title of the movie. Don’t go panting after Loki every time he comes on screen. Loki is brilliant, I know he is. But Thor has his moments too!! And yes, it is important to realize that this has been very much anticipated and we have all been waiting for this release to shed some light on the Avengers sequel. 
In a very Joss Whedon -ish way, this movie is funny, witty, splendid and GRAND! 

One of the important things to remember while watching this movie is that you make sure you watch it with someone who is equally or more excited about it as you are. And trust me, that will make the night all the more amazing. 

Marvel movies are great. They have found a place in our hearts and soul and it leads us to want to elect Joss Whedon as the Leader of Midgard. I, personally, would be very happy with it. But, getting back to Thor. 

Thor is a Marvel movie through and through. It’s explosive, orgasmic, detailed, perpetual, and pansexual. We know that Christopher Ecclestone (the Ninth Doctor) plays the evil Dark Elf, Malekith. A detailed narration from Odin at the beginning of the movie paints us a very vivid picture, and we have a new evil, ancient weapon that the Dark Elf wishes to harness. Unlike it’s predecessor, Thor: The Dark World portrays Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)’s deep woven involvement. And, it is great. No complaints about her. But with Sif (Jamie Alenxander) in the movie, I wasn’t looking at Natalie Portman too carefully. Sif is amazing. 

I wish I could say more, but you really have to watch the movie to be blown away by the gravitas of it all. The slaughter of Asgardian soldiers, the vulnerable appearance of a usually in control Loki, the rage of Odin, the death of a lovable and bad-ass character, the destruction of London(I cried at that bit), and so many more awesome bits in the movie!! You have to watch it!

Like my other movie reviews I have my own Barometer (0-Frozen turkey; 9-Hot N Heavy). Thor was an easy to rate movie: for Appeal the movie is a solid 8.0 (the non-marvel fans may not be so generous, but I would’ve given it 9.0); the Action is a very deserving 8.5, what with all the battleships flying into various realms and Thor’s hand being cut off; the Plot is a definite 9.0!! Unlike Ironman 3, Thor: The Dark World had a very stable and sustainable plot. There is much to be known, still. There is much to be found out. And it is evident that the story in Thor: The Dark World leads up to the Avengers sequel. 

Until later, then. 


A Tribute to the Eleventh Doctor [Soundtrack: Atlas by Coldplay]

I was listening to Atlas [The Hunger Games OST] by Coldplay and it occurred to me that the lyrics were well written and most of it went along with the types of personalities of The Doctor. So I gave it a whirl and downloaded some clips and synced some music in (on Windows Movie Maker; God Help me!) and made this little tribute to what, I believe, are the best Eleventh Doctor scenes.

Hope this has turned out to be as good as I actually think it is.

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One World. Two Blogs.


A few days ago I was asked why I had two blogs and what was the point of having more than one blog. I got into a long discussion and I thought I might as well write about it because what I do (having two blogs) isn’t unheard of. 

My other blog is hosted on and that is mainly a media blog ( ). And I am proud of that blog as much as I am proud of my wordpress blog. But there are certain things, certain phenomenon on the internet which don’t belong to me. A set of unique ideas, an album of brilliant pictures, or magnificent piece of art; these were some of the things I found on the internet, which I loved, and wanted to showcase it to the few readers/viewers I have. 

My WordPress blog is where I write all my thoughts and my experiences. I would like to say that at the mark of my 1000th view, there is enough to read about me on this very webpage. 

My Tumblr blog, however, is a showcase of sorts. There are amazing people out there, extremely talented people, who have a certain knack for art or web design and so many other ilk. I just want to promote and share their works among my friends and family, my peers and colleagues, and my readers because, the work that these people do, the effort these people put into it is very admirable. 

I hope this answers the first question and encourages you to go over to my tumblr page and promote the best works of those who have proven to be more talented than myself. 


Town Center

You can travel all around the world. You can live in many different places. You can call that one place home; that one place which gives you peace, offers convenient commute tot work and leisure activities to engage yourself in. But every town, however rural or urban, will have a town center of sorts.

I’ve lived in Mumbai, the fast and sleepless city. I’ve lived in Staines, a town by the Thames which is an hour away from Central London. I now live in Sunnyvale, perfectly located in the Bay Area, California. All of these places had one thing in common: a central hub in the middle of the town where everything seemed to revolve around.

Mumbai is a vast city and one would think that the city limits keep expanding. But the towns within the city of Mumbai itself are independent in their own right and have a central hub, a town center, where most of the cultural and social happenings occur. I lived in a town called Vile-Parle. It was a good place to grow up. I have a brilliant assortment of memories of growing up in this town and loved my the apartment I call home. There wasn’t one landmark in Vile-Parle. It wasn’t a well planned town and therefore, there wasn’t a “town center” as such. The Western Local train map etched in the middle of Vile-Parle divided the town, as small as it already was, in to Vile-Parle East and Vile-Parle West. Vile-Parle is famous for its colleges and eateries. Anybody who has ever lived in Vile-Parle will tell you that Babu Vadapav-wala serves the best vadapav and samosa in the world! Some say there is another place in Dadar that holds a candle against Babu‘s shop. That’s an argument for another day. There’s a Ganesh temple which is magnificent and it was a brilliant experience to visit the temple at the time of the Ganesh Festival. Vile-Parle is also the home of the very popular Parle-G biscuits. There’s a Parle-G factory, still operational, which give us various treats and great variety of snacks. Then there’s the Dinanath Natyagruha, the places where all Marathi plays were glorified among the Maharastrians that lived in Vile-Parle. I’ve seen a few shows in that theater and some I liked, some I didn’t. There were a couple of stores which were famous for their selection of snacks and sweets, the one I particularly loved was a store called Ruchi. Maybe I should get my uncle to pack a few snacks and have him ship it here. All of these stores were located within a kilometer of the train station. I’d like to think that this area made it the unofficial center of Vile-Parle. I’ll always cherish the fond memories of the snacks I ate at the various stalls in Vile-Parle with my friends, the countless cups of chai on a rainy day and the people of the place.


When I was 15, I moved to Staines, England. I remember saying this to my mum, years after we’d moved away from Staines, that if my memory were wiped away my mind would still retain the image of the Thames river running along Staines and the beauty of the river banks throughout the year and its seasons. I love Staines. It’s the place that gave me the general idea of England. Some might say that Staines is not exactly the place that one should remember when the word England comes up. But, I loved living in Staines. I went to school in Staines, I made some brilliant friends around the place and I have a variety of pictures of the Thames river that make me love that place even today. Unlike Mumbai, or the towns in Mumbai, Staines had a town center; a high street it was called. As best as I can put it, a high street is the official center of a town with the Town Hall, mall, Bus station and restaurants in a radius of a mile. There are shops and cafes and places to buy one’s groceries. I had to walk past the high street everyday to get to school.  I always liked Wednesdays and Saturdays because the flea market brought in many farmers and their products, and small shops of confectioneries and ornaments to the high street. The hustle-bustle of people flocking the small shops, bargaining and contemplating the choice of different cheese was always a sight of wonder for me. The weekends were always fun on high streets. Of course, if you strolled the high street after 6 PM one had to endure the drunken crowds that visited the local bar.
The best part was the small pathway leading up to the river. There were benches and a subtle patch of green banks where one could feed the ducks. If one had to visit England, Staines wouldn’t be on the list of places to visit. But living in Staines is an experience in itself.



Six months ago, I moved to Sunnyvale, California. Today I decided to take a walk around the Sunnyvale Downtown area and took pictures of the flea market, the bars and restaurants, and the atmosphere on a Saturday afternoon. I saw a lot of faces, all happy, relaxed, and enjoying the weekend. I grabbed a cup of coffee sat outside the cafe and saw the various shops set up by local farmers to the mild tunes of the street performer playing the guitar. It’s nice to know the town one lives in. I want to be more involved in the Sunnyvale community than I was ever involved in Vile-Parle or Staines. A few months back, I’d visited Downtown, the Historic Murphy Avenue, for an Art and Wine Festival. I’d have enjoyed the wine more if it weren’t for the hot day that it was but the works of the local artists really did enthrall me. There’s a book fair in Downtown soon and there’s a fund raising event in the City Hall, which I hope to volunteer at.



It’s funny, every placed I’ve ever lived, I’ve called it my home. Home is where the heart is. Can there be more than one place one can call home? Does that mean, one’s heart is torn in pieces or, one has a heart for the many places one lived  in? I like this town and I will like the town I live in next. I’ve taken the opportunity to volunteer in the activities of my community and I would like to encourage all my readers to take part in the activities in their local communities too. One has to love their home, after all.

I am from

First, here is something you should read before reading the following poem. It is not written by me. My sister wrote that poem as an English assignment (she is in the final year of high school). Like me, she has traveled around the world, lived in many places and has grown to be a beautiful, wonderful girl. I have regular spats with her but I love her. This is the poem, “I am from…” she wrote.

I am from the quarrel of street food shops serving spicy food,
a zing on my tongue and the delight in my watery eyes,
I relish the Mumbai urban banter “Please make it spicier” and “Ouch! My tongue is burning”,
the casual crowd enjoys a joyous evening.

I am from the drip drop of the Thames against its green banks,
chasing my brother while the wind plays with us,
the sight of the blooming flowers is forever carved in my mind.

I am from the land of hymns and prayers,
“Thank you lord, for the food we eat”,
Rome’s best pizza and cheesy pasta- it’s more than what we need,
and we share our sorrows, hopes, and joys among those who worship thee.

I am from the Grand Place eating mouth-watering Belgian waffles,
“Il fait trop froid” I say,
walking down the dimly-lit streets,
and listening to the birds tweet.

I am from Sunny California,
300 days of shiny rays,
strumming the strings on my guitar, I soak in its echoes around the house,
let’s turn up the heat, and roast some meat,
while friends gather around for a cheerful treat.

And if you really knew me, you would know I am not from a country, nor a continent, but I am from the entire world.

And Along Came Lola

*The names in this post have been changed because she would kick my arse if I manage to sway stalkers in her direction*

There’s that one person you meet and after the first 5 minutes you know for a fact that they’re going to be your best friend. That was the case with Lola. Honestly? I don’t remember how I first met her. Maybe through a friend, or was it a class we shared? I don’t remember. What I do remember is that when I first met her, I thought to myself “I’ve found my partner-in-crime.” 

Lola is, what the rest of the Brits thought was an abuse, a ‘ginger’. That is to say, she is of Irish descent and is a redhead. There’s this thing you ought to know about redheads: they are a huge bundle of crazy and awesome. I remember, she used to help out all sorts of people, and fight with the most ridiculous of them. 

Her friends really love her, and so do I. She is a big bundle of joy; a bundle of joy who might cackle like a witch or throw spatulas at you. I don’t know what the rest of the people in our school were thinking, but she and I made it to the “Most Likely to take over the world” list of our yearbook. Now, if you think about it, it was kind of racist: she was Irish, I was Indian. And the dimwits that we are, we didn’t realize that until four years after we’d passed our GCSEs. But we’ve been plotting our moves and planning to take over the world with Starbucks and Zombies. It’s a start but given enough incentive we might actually take over the world.

It’s been a little over four years since I last saw her. But I’ve noticed that as time flew, we’ve grown as individuals and we’ve really come to care more and more for each other. I think that’s something of an accomplishment. Sure, I have nightmares of the day I meet her again. The day we meet there is going to be a chain reaction of weird and crazy in whatever part of the world we are in. 

She comes to me for crappy advice and I rant out my frustration at her, on occasion. It’s amazing how far away places and different timezones don’t come in the way of friendship. That can be said of many of my friends now, but with Lola it’s always been something more fantastic. We’ve know each other at our worst and our best. That’s a friendship you can’t have by looking. That kind of friendship grows naturally, as it should. 

I didn’t have any purpose in writing this post (other than the fact that she told me to write about her and I’m terrified of what she’ll do if I didn’t), but I do want the world to know what it is like to have such an amazing friend. I do love her like family. She is my best friend. Sometimes I feel that she exaggerates her hardship too much, but I guess that’s only because she is naive and doesn’t really know how many people actually care for her and look out for her. She is one lucky girl, and I am lucky to have her in my life. 

Note to Lola:

Lola, hear me out: I’m so glad you have Adam Brand in your life now. You deserve each other and mind you, I will say this only once: Do NOT fuck this up! I’ll have your head on a spike if you do. Also, I wanted you to find out here that I’ve already made plans for September 2014 and with a little bit of help from your end, we’ll have plenty of time to catch up and finish a few bottles of wine and whiskey. 

I miss you, and I ought to let you know that I’ve gathered a few baristas here in the Bay Area who will help us take over the world. Sounds good?