Take to the Skies!


Its the beginning of a new era and I am all set to take on the Wild Wild West. I started off from Bombay’s Chattrapati International Airport and had a lay over at Hong Kong International Airport. I arrived at San Francisco International Airport after a total flight time of 17 hours but it was sunny on the day we arrived in California and I couldn’t complain about being here.


The world map (above) is something I needed to refer to. Of course, I knew where Bombay, Hong Kong and San Francisco are but what really confused me was the time zones and travel pattern. The Red line on the map is what I believed the travel pattern would be. But, from Hong Kong International Airport to San Francisco International Airport, our flight took the Blue line. I thought Bombay to San Francisco could have been a direct route but turns out no Indian air carrier has a base in US and none of the flights, built to date, seems to have the fuel capacity for it. Of course, that’s excluding the Air Force One. I know, for a fact, that flight has made way from Washington D.C. to Bombay without a hiccough. Pretty impressive, if you think about it.


The Great Western Coast of U.S.A.!!

This was a brilliant sight! I wouldn’t allow myself to sleep because I wanted to witness this marvel; the union of the great land of the west with the wide, worldly oceans of the Pacific. This image, to this day, is the best original picture I have captured which is an array of endless beauty and magnificence. I can’t seem to explain the joy of this sight with enough words. Perhaps, we don’t need words for this.

A sunny day, warm weather and a slight hint of wind. It was a perfect day to set foot in America.

I’ve lived in London and in Bombay and I’ve know the weather to be an enemy of sorts. It used to be too cold or wet in London. The seasons in Bombay tend to be extreme. But, California? I don’t want to jump conclusions but I believe this state is the best place to live. That’s my opinion and I think I’m going to stand by it unless I move to Utopia.

As I begin a new chapter in the book of Life I want to express my gratitude. I am grateful to my parents for their endless support. I am grateful to my friends who have helped me build my morale and personality.

Godspeed and Good Luck to all.


2 thoughts on “Take to the Skies!

  1. I love this! Today in London it was 2 degrees… Nice and warm!

    Califonia seems pretty close to how I imagine utopia!

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