If you’ve watched too many American sitcoms, as I have, you will be very familiar with the ‘Blooper’s concept or as it is known more often – ‘Gag Reel’ . What it is, basically, the screw ups of the cast or crew which is caught on tape and is edited out of the final broadcast because it doesn’t follow the script.
Well, I love bloopers. Bloopers show a very unique insight into the making of the sitcoms. Friends, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and many other shows have put up bloopers on Youtube as a way to appeal to the audience.
Bloopers show what it takes to get a TV episode done. Bloopers are screw ups. Screw ups caused by the very same cast and crew that bring you a great television show.
Its amazing that bloopers are funnier that the real TV show itself. You know what I’d love to see? A TV show which shows how a TV show is made and in that sense, the actual TV show itself would be the bloopers of the scripted TV show. The closest I’ve come to watching something like that is the TV show ‘Episodes’ which stars Matt Le Blanc. That show is quite funny and Le Blanc obviously is good in it.
Bloopers are what fill our time when we are too bored at home or..well, just too bored.
I would encourage everybody to watch the Bloopers of FriendsHow I met Your MotherCommunityThe Big Bang Theory and many other shows which you often watch.


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