A Timey-Wimey Easter!


Whovians have waited for a long time now. Doctor Who, Season 7 started off with a seemingly great start and it overwhelmed fans. In the first episode, Asylum of Daleks, things took a turn for the worst, or so it seemed. Amy and Rory are getting divorced, Daleks occupying humans -which was a fresh take, and the very confusing and uncertain case of Oswin Oswald. I think Steven Moffat has lost innovation and is lacking that new bit of spice it takes to conjure a character in to existence. Oswin Oswald: smart, flirty, witty and sexy. OH! WOW! That was so original! There has been none other character which fit that description except for Martha Jones, Sally Sparrow, Amy Pond and River Song. I might go to the extent of saying that the episode, Asylum of Daleks, may put off a viewer from Doctor Who. And surely enough, I read an article on a blog (Leakynews.tumblr.com) illustrating how the very episode had made the writer give up on Doctor Who. So, there’s that. One very interesting plot which was uncovered in the episode was the genius of Oswin Oswald. She, who has transformed in to a full Dalek but unaware of it, deletes the record of The Doctor from the Dalek database. That was something nobody saw coming and we can guess that it’ll have its perks later. There was a lot of chaos in the script of the episode but none the less it set things in to motion for the rest of Season 7.

Amy and Rory go through an emotional and tiring trial in the episode Angels take Manhattan. Remember those Weeping Angels, the quantum-locked statues? The Doctor and his companions encounter them yet again in Manhattan and it starts off with The Doctor, Rory and Amy relaxing in Modern Day New York City in Central Park! To make things even creepier this episode showed baby Angels. If you haven’t watched the episode then let me assure you that it is exactly what it sounds like. Weird, naked, creepy stone statues that, don’t kill you but, send you back in time, creating some sort of a temperal shift energy. Frankly, I can’t follow the science of it all but I love it either way. Now Moffat hints in the first 20 minutes of the show that Rory. The Tardis dematerializes from a graveyard and Rory’s Tombstone is shown. The episode goes further on from 2012 to 1938..wait, further on? The story takes you back in time (yeah, that sounds much better) where the creepy babies transported Rory and there he finds River Song masquerading as Melanie Malone, the writer of the book Amy was reading in Central Park. Though the course of the episode when The Doctor and River come face to face, River says “That’s Professor Song for you” and a reference is made to the earlier episode (Asylum of Daleks) when River says “Apparently, I killed a man who doesn’t exist. It’s almost as if someone has been deleting himself from every database in the universe.” Whovians, at this stage, realize that ‘Professor’ River Song is near the end of her timeline so there is a rare chance that she might be on Doctor Who ever again. I believed River Song is sexy so, personally, I’m sorry to watch her go. But, we now have Jenna-Lou so let’s see how that builds up. Nearing the end of the episode an enormous absurdity is shown. The Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel?! For Heavens’ sakes! That was just too stupid. And I can’t see how that could’ve been any good at all. So the Statue of Liberty, a little running around here and there and then Rory and Amy getting stuck in a fixed timeline where the Doctor can’t reach, marks the end of the episode and the end of Rory and Amy, leaving viewer clueless as to what to expect next. At least I was clueless. I didn’t know what would come next and to be honest I was wondering if they were going to ever include Oswin Oswald.

I do not understand if it is BBC or the production team of Doctor Who that likes to add breaks in airing their season. Surely, the after season break is enough. It gets to the point where you forget that the new season has begun. But the Christmas Special turned out to be worth the wait. I personally think it was the best episode out of all the three in season 7. Clara Oswin Oswald was back, so were Madam Vastra, Jenny Flint and Santaran Strax. There were three key features of this episode that really engaged the viewers:

  1. Clara Oswin Oswald, the same girl from Asylum of Daleks who had transformed in to a Dalek, is seen in the Victorian era with doubling a job of a waitress and a Governess. Jenna-Lou has done a great job fitting in to the role of Clara Oswin Oswald but I do not believe it was a difficult task as there are character resemblances between Clara and Sally Sparrow and also Clara and River. All in all, after the deaths of Rory and Amy, it was fresh to see such a beautiful, witty character on Doctor Who again. In a matter of building the story, Clara dies in this episode too. I hop Moffat is getting somewhere with this otherwise I’m going to be pissed off.
  2. The Doctors exile: It is shown in a very crude manner. The Doctor seems unkind, agitated, frustrated, desolate and rude. Of course, the whiff of a new danger and a witty, young girl seems to be the right solution for the Doctor. No surprise there. The exile was self imposed and ,unwillingly so, Madam Vastra and her wife Jenny Flint helped him in that exile. In a very touching moment, the Doctor is seen wearing Amy’s reading glasses from the episode Angels Take Manhattan. This was very significant scene as it should the Doctor mourning for the ones he lost and keeping some aspects of their traits for himself.
  3. The Great Intelligence: The Snowmen, which were made up of telepathic snow seemed to be a rather fitting evil for the Christmas Special. The Great Intelligence is shown as a disembodied consciousness which was also seen in the Second Doctor’s timeline. Apparently, this event was the first in the perspective of The Great Intelligence leading up to the events occurred in the time of the Second Doctor. The voice for The Great Intelligence is given by Ian McKellan but I was disappointed at the lack of script that was provided to McKellan. It should have been a huge role like Michael Gambon’s in the previous year’s Christmas Special. Seemingly, The Great Intelligence is to play a major role in the upcoming episodes of Season 7. At the very end of the episode seems to recall something about The Great Intelligence mentioning “it rings a bell.”

There’s a new Tardis now! The reason for the change of the interior was to make it look more like a machine. Its’ not the best design the Tardis had, nothing like the tenth or early-Eleventh Doctor Tardis, but it’ll do. The Doctor learns the mystery surrounding Clara Oswin Oswald. Having figured out that she was the same girl from Starship Alaska (Asylum of Daleks) and happened to die twice he sets off to find her like a monkey out of a box. It is clear that Clara Oswin Oswald is the next companion and that the story is going to revolve around her mysterious existence and The Great Intelligence.

This Easter I’m going to be well prepared. I am going to accept anything that the next episode will throw at me. I am eager, to say the very least, but excited for the new persona of The Doctor. I have many questions like other Whovians: What about the oldest question in the universe? What about the fall of the eleventh? What about Silence must fall when the question is asked? Does it all add up in the end? Looks like we might have to wait a long time to find out. 


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