The Bells of Saint John and how they never mentioned it again.

Spoiler Alert: This is a small review of the latest Doctor Who episode aired on 3/30/2013. If you haven’t watched it yet you should watch it and then come back here to read this blog post. 🙂 

SO?? Who watched the return of Doctor Who on BBC/BBC America ?? It was a good episode, right?! Well, I thought it was.

As the title of this blog post would suggest, I wasn’t happy with the fact that they only mentioned the Bells of Saint John once. What was the point of it? Sure, I understand how The Doctor chose to live as a monk for sanity, wondering about the girl who died twice or whatever the reason it was. I thought they could have come up with a better title. ‘Digital Souls’ or something of the sort. Sure, the designated title is catchy but I didn’t think it was apt for the progression of the plot. But, none the less, it was a good episode.
Like me, I’m sure, Whovians were happy to see The Doctor in a new avatar and joined by Clara Oswald. There were times in the episode when I paused and reminded myself of some of the facts of the show which we found out not too many episodes ago. Oswin Oswald in Asylum of Daleks was shown a genius. Clara Oswald in The Snowmen was a governess but clever still. In Bells of Saint John Clara Oswin Oswald did not know how to connect to WiFi; that wasn’t quite impressive. Then she is uploaded for a brief moment on to the ‘Data Cloud’ and when the upload is reversed she acquires knowledge about the internet and computers and makes a joke on Twitter (yeah, I wasn’t happy about that either). Putting it simply, she becomes a genius of digital knowledge because of the events transpired in this episode. I wasn’t okay with that little bit. But I’m sure Whovians and Bloggers will dwell on it soon enough. Or maybe I missed something or didn’t understand that bit and if so, shame on me. Moving on.

There were cute little moments on this episode. For example. the puzzled amazement of Clara when the Tardis lands at South Bank, the motorbike ride and the ending scene in the Tardis. Jenna Lou-Coleman has very naturally portrayed a Clara Oswald which is an awakening of The Doctor to a new life of adventure; a ray of hope, a pocket full of sunshine or a double rainbow, however The Doctor would see it. So far, we’ve see Clara in various forms such as the genius who tricked the Daleks, the governess who showed her concern and compassion and a young hopeful girl who dreams about travelling the world (101 things to see). I am positively intrigued as to what more she could bring on to the show. I am eager to watch the upcoming episodes, mainly because how Moffat will have revealed the various sides to Clara Oswin Oswald.

Just like me, Whovians will be pleased, I’m sure, to set time aside in the schedule to watch the latest episodes. Let’s hope it gets only better from here on. I also wish that we get to see the dark side of The Doctor and how Clara would manage to bring him back to the good side.
In-spite of the warning in the first line, about spoilers, you’ve read this little bit, don’t worry there’s still reason for you to watch the episode The Bells of Saint John.


2 thoughts on “The Bells of Saint John and how they never mentioned it again.

  1. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who was a bit bothered by the title. It’s clever, but it really had nothing to do with the main focus of the episode. The phase worked fine in the episode, but it was just about as relevant to the main story as “Let’s Kill Hitler” was (another title with which I had some problems).

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