WHAM-BOOM-POW packed in a Retaliation! #MovieReviews

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched the movie G.I. Joe Retaliation then please be forewarned. This is a review of the very same movie. Please check the last paragraph for my personal ratings for the movie.  


Yes! G.I. Joe Retaliation! If you were into G.I. Joe action figures or Wrestle Mania/WWE as a kid then this is a treat! It’s packed with action and familiar names (Duke, Roadblock, Flint, Lady Jaye, Zartan, Firefly). Go Joe!!
If you haven’t watched the first movie and wish to watch G.I. Joe Retaliation then do not worry. You haven’t missed out on much. Here’s a little summary as to what you need to know from the first movie:

There is a special military unit called the G.I. Joe who are the best of the best; “When all else fails we don’t” There is a villain, McCullen, whose base is beneath the ice at the North Pole. He masquerades as a weapons manufacturer and he employs nanotechnology in his weapons promising destruction and devastation. His chief weapons specialist, The Doctor(known as Rex) is shown to be an ex-military who went crazy and makes all the weapons for McCullen. The G.I. Joe unit stop his comrades from from destroying Paris but they capture a Joe and the mayhem caused in Paris is blamed on the Joes. The Joes are ordered back home but in stead they head off to the North Pole to stop McCullen from deploying several nukes aimed at various cities in the world. The Joes strike McCullen’s base, fight his soldiers and rescue their Joe and leave before the auto-destruct sequence counts down to zero. While these events are happening, the Doctor (a.k.a Rex) takes over McCullen’s command and rises to become the Cobra. The Joes capture the Cobra and McCullen (who Cobra turns in to Destro), imprison them and that’s where the movie reaches it’s end.

Retaliation didn’t tease with the plot much, which is a good thing, and there were some brilliant, realistic touches to it. I think the most realistic bit was the death of Duke. Sure, not every hero is meant to live forever, right? But since Channing Tatum was the Lady-magnet for this movie I understand, in a production point of view, why his role was as was. But never the less, with Flint, Mouse, Roadblock and Lady Jaye added to the team it was a boy’s wonder. I was a WWE/Wrestle mania fan as a kid and I loved The Rock. I was very excited to see him in the movie posters and his role is heavy and big and has a lot of punches, kicks, booms and muscle.


You gotta love that. Dwayne Johnson as a Joe? It doesn’t get better… or so I thought.

Lady Jaye, who is played by Adrianne Palicki (You may know her from Friday Night Lights) is a treat to the eyes and there is a brilliant capacity to her personality which really kicks the ‘Girls with Guns‘ phenomenon up a few notches. She was at the center of action, patriotism, emotion and flair! Another fine lady in Hollywood who kicks butt on-screen. Personally, I feel we need more such actresses.


Needless to say I have another celebrity crush. Please let her be in every new G.I. Joe movie they come up with.

There is a brilliant little twist in the movie where Storm Shadow turns sides and doesn’t fight against the Joes on this occasion. But, do not worry. If you are a Ninja fan you will see some some cool, slick, tremendous Ninja fights and will be at your hearts’ content. With the President replaced with an impostor, Cobra’s plan of world domination is quite brilliant. The writer sure has put some effort in to the plot. True trademarks of psychotic behavior and villainy is very brilliantly portrayed by Ray Stevenson and Jonathon Pryce as Firefly and Zartan(President impostor) respectively.
I won’t reveal the plot in detail for fear of losing those few readers who haven’t gotten a chance to watch the movie yet but I will say this:
G.I. Joe Retaliation was made cleverly and it deserves all the accolades on its’ way. This G.I. Joe movie was better than the first and if they intend to come out with a third fans will expect the movie to be bigger and more action packed, if it were possible.
The movie is to be watched for the plot, for The Rock, for Lady Jaye, the Ninjas, for well portrayed villainy and for some serious Joe style fighting.

On my Barometer (0-Frozen turkey; 9-Hot N Heavy) for Appeal the movie is a solid 7.7 , for Action it is 8.6 and for the Plot it’s a good 8.3 !!

I hope you guys have enjoyed the movie and for those who haven’t seen it yet, you must.


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