Let’s paint a word picture.

Let me paint you a word picture.

Clear your mind. Focus on your breath and set your foot in to your personal Imaginarium. Imagine a black canvas. Add to this canvas of uniformity a couple of shiny silvery dots splotched across all over it. Make sure that you leave enough space between splotches and go ahead, draw a few clusters of splotches here and there. Now map golden orbs in your canvas and let there be some residue around these orbs. Mix a turquoise blue and white in appropriate ratios and draw waves in patterns which suit your mind best. Let these waves be emphasized with these whites in a few places. Let the waves flow, swirl and melt in the black canvas.

The stars that you see in the night sky and the suns that shine your path through the days, what we do not see is the integration of time in nature and thus lack understanding the intensity of time in our lives and throughout human history. Theoretical Physicists include time as a dimension in their hypothetical calculations to explain some scientific ideas which to a lay man seem obscure or a jungle of letters, numbers and other scripts you couldn’t have come up with yourself. But that is what’s essential here. We fail to ‘see’ the time aspect of everything around us. Look at your desk and figure out how old things are on there. Observe the trees outside your office window and think about how much time it has endured. Look at your loved ones and wonder how time has tested them. We look but we don’t observe. We see but we don’t notice. Time flies, people say. Wrong. Time flows. It flows in an orderly, continuous fashion as it always has and as it always will. We can’t think of what the End of time would mean. We are very familiar with the end of some thing but we can’t, and possibly never can, come up with the imagination to create a scenario that would describe the End of time. Science Fiction writers, movie directors, ardent enthusiasts only conjure up their assumption of what it may look like. But we don’t know for sure. And why should we bother to know which is not only not foreseen but unimaginable. The answer is simple: because time is all around us.

We look at space, the black canvas, as empty; A perennial form of nothingness. But we know for a fact that the silvery splotches, the golden orbs exist. We talk about the moon and the sun and the stars in poems and for inspiration and signify hope but what we don’t see is the blue-ish wave of time. Time flows. It passes us. Time is what holds us together and ultimately it is what defines us. But in the bigger scene of the movie that is our life, we do not see how time succeeds. We do not see how it progresses. We take too much for granted in our lives. We rarely take time to be granted. I have never met anybody who has said “I have too much time.” We are born and raised knowing that we start our lives and end them and we are supposed to live by the years in what way we seem fit before death catches up with us. Really, though? Is it that simple? What do we do when we have time? What does one do when he/she has time to “get some stuff done”? Why does anybody get bored?! I have a solid, air-tight principle. The man who is bored is only so because he is bored of himself. I say a man, because women are too creative all their lives to feel bored at any time. That’s a cherished quality and yet, nobody cares much for it.
The black canvas is full of silvers, golds and blues. It is us that is wrong. We fail to ‘see’ time and the prospects it has to be offer. Have I taken time out from my busy schedule to write this little bit that I’m pretty sure nobody will read? Of course, not. I am writing this, knowing full well not many people will read it, but I write it anyway because I want. Because I have the time to do so. Because I do not want to get bored or be bored, ever. It’s hard to believe that people can be bored. Otherwise there would be no blogs or music or movies or grand designs that we see so often all around us. Time is the one thing we have and make no mistake, we have a lot of it.
Make sure you have time to think about your time. It is your time that will eventually pass on, not as a physical entity in itself but as an idea or at least as a name.




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