“Oh! Nothing. My mind wandered off.”

I believe distractions are indications that you’re doing

something or are in a situation which is of very little interest to you and you
find no way out of it. I have come up with my best creative ideas and most
vivid imaginations while being distracted from the task at hand. The level of
detail my imagination engages in to is, I believe, remarkable. If it’s a story
I’m imagining I invest my mind in its subplot. If it’s a possible future I imagine
I think of things I’d say and how I’d say it. If a discussion has diverted from
what I’m supposed to be discussing I plunge in to such depths that the
conversation escalates to such an intense and engaging conversation that I find
it difficult to pull out of it and get back on track. But the thing with
distractions is that you have to get
back on track eventually. I hated coming back to reality. But, lately I haven’t
had to invest my mind in imaginations, alternate realities or possible futures.
Why was that? Because, I was finally doing what I absolutely love. I was doing
what I love and I was good at it.

I rarely get distracted anymore. I’m following through with
my academic plan and there’s nothing, I assume, that can go wrong at this
point. I thought distractions would be a problem in study hours or when I attend
class but, I was wrong. I rarely feel like indulging in imagination when
reality has gotten so interesting and worthwhile. I see people every day doing
what they hate and hating what they do. They merely ‘live through’ the ordeal
and see no end to where the path is leading them. I was the same. I had no idea
where I was headed more afraid, quite rightly so, of what I was meant to do. I
gambled an enormous proportion of my social life and decided to break the
chains and I am finally doing what I love. Sure, I had a few disappointments along
the way and I understand that I’ve disappointed myself than anybody else but
once you reach in a place of perfect balance in your life it’s hard to feel
sorry for yourself; it’s hard to feel disappointed. I have no distractions now.

I have no distractions now and my focus in the various
aspects of my life is more articulate than it has ever been. I never thought
that people had a calling and never understood
an individual’s purpose in life. I do now. It’s a very personal notion; having
to face the inadequacies of your life and then working out what needs to be
done for the sake of yourself. It’s had a strong impact on me and I hope to be
a better man every minute. There’s a narcissistic element to the following thought
but I hope that it eventually leads to the betterment of all humanity: Help yourself and be at the place where
others can’t dictate your life.
then shall one have the tools necessary to make the world a better place.


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