Ironman 3 and Why Tony Stark is not a Superhero. #MovieReviews

(For reading my graded review of Ironman 3 without actually reading the stuff that I think and have written, scroll to the bottom of this post. I know, I’m nice that way. )


“Ironman is not really a superhero.”

“You take that back! Of course, he is!” I snapped back at my little sister.

“Come on! You don’t seriously think he is a Superhero do you?” She asked with a smug look on her face.

“He is a superhero!” I was getting agitated. How dare she say that? Ironman’s my favorite superhero!

“He’s just a guy in a suit! A metal body armor! That’s all there is to him!”

“”Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist” Heard that somewhere? Doesn’t that count for much?” I was getting worked up and ready to beat her with a stick.

“Look. Any guy could have those things and the ability to build a suit but we’re not gonna call him a Superhero.  I mean, think about it! You’re just being absurd.”

And, I thought about it…after I watched Ironman 3.


Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t yet watched Ironman 3 I suggest you do and then come back to read this post. This post contains spoilers and my personal review about Ironman 3. Read at your own risk.



Ironman is a genius in a suit. While some would argue that Ironman’s intellect is a gift in itself I would say that it a byproduct of years of evolution and that Marvel ran out of ideas for superpowers to be given to characters. I should thank my sister (though, I won’t really) for making me see that. So to the question “Is Ironman a superhero?” I am simply going to reply “It’s apples and oranges”. Besides, there’s a scene in the movie where Tony Stark says “I’m just a man in a can”. So yeah, that’s one less argument I’ll have with my sister.

I watched Ironman 3 the day after it released in U.S. and I wish I had watched it a bit later so as to cherish the anticipation. I walked out of AMC thinking about my homework due Monday. For me, that’s the way it’s determined if a movie was “AMAZING!!” or “BRILLIANT!!” OR “It blew me away!!”. I don’t want to think about my Stats homework when I walk out of a theater after watching a movie that was supposed to be “Epic!!” or “MIND-BLOWING!!”. I want to keep saying that “It was so F*@king Awesome!!” and “DUDE! I’m going to watch  it again!!” or something along those lines. Specially if you are so full of sugar the entire week before the release, you want yourself to have that kind of a reaction when you’ve watched a movie of such enormous proportions. There were bits and pieces which didn’t add up. The casting didn’t make much sense. Sure, Robert Downey Jr. still makes me feel less of a man (I mean that in an entirely positive manner) and his charm and persona is the construct of the film. But, seriously Marvel?! Surely, you could’ve come up with a better story. Surely, you could’ve saved the movie franchise from losing it’s integrity. I know it sounds absurd to keep making Ironman movies. I do not wish to go see Ironman 15 with my son in a few decades time. But the movie could’ve been a brilliant stand point to rest the film on if there were, or weren’t, any intentions of making another Ironman movie.

Okay, I know I’m coming off strongly. Of course, there were some good bits in the movie. Great, even. I wouldn’t argue much with the direction or the VFX but mostly the story and the escalation of the plot. But on here I wish to discuss the positive and the negative pointers of the movie.

Now we all love Robert Downey Jr. Most certainly I would want you to watch the movie. RDJ is great. Gwyneth Paltrow is great, although why people hate her is beyond me. I don’t have any strong reactions to her. Does she look hot in this movie. Oh hell, yes! Does she satisfy the role of Pepper Potts in Ironman 3? I’m going have a go at the writers more than Paltrow for that little snafu. Also, why was Jon Favreau so adequate in his role as Happy Hogan? Surely, it would have been easier to have a subtle comedic structure, one better than Jon Favreau and his big-built, clumsy and moronic ‘Head of Security’ behavior. I agree, it was a good trigger to set off the chaotic events that transpired in the movie. We see Tony Stark in his most vulnerable state, emotionally, and how he deals with anxiety. (Yeah! I know. Tony Stark having an anxiety attack) The fact that Happy Hogan in a coma puts Tony Stark in a downward spiral is just so not Tony Stark. Did the audience want to see an emotional Tony Stark? Likely. Did the writer have no better to work on? Even more likely. But inviting Mandarin to take a shot at him? Mandarin would be a fool to not have tried it. I’m surprised why not many people (villains and the enemies of Ironman/Tony Stark) tried to blow up the fantastic, savvy-looking house. But in that scene of utter chaos and audience’s intense glares, the one thing that broke the spell of amazing VFX was this:


It’s Pepper Potts wearing the Ironman suit and protecting Tony Stark. Just to be clear here, to the girl in my class who picks on me every morning, I am not being sexist. His Mark 42 suit, cleverly engineered and its advanced system, protected Pepper Potts from the danger that Tony Stark thought would kill her. It worked too. But honestly, as a Marvel comic book reader, I didn’t appreciate this scene as much. There were instances in some of the stories in the Ironman comic books when in desperate times the Ironman suit is worn by someone other than Tony Stark. In circumstances such as the one in the picture above, I’d understand by it would be a good idea. But I was not at all thrilled to watch Tony’s girlfriend wear the suit. A big no-no for me.

As much as Pepper Potts’ involvement made a difference, or so I’d like to believe, Maya Hansen(Rebecca Hall) ‘s was equally insignificant. The audience got to see the beauty of Hall and be amused about her accent but that was about it for me. Her involvement/presence in the movie was, as it is, very superficial and Marvel would’ve gotten away with not casting her. The same could’ve been said about Ben Kingsley. I was furious when I realized the actual role of Kingsley. Casting an amazing actor for a miniature role, that’s just wrong. Movie fanatics don’t want to see their favorite heroes playing small roles in a huge movie.


And as the plot escalated, Aldrich Killian(Guy Pearce) ,who is the actual villain of this movie is shown in a very unrealistic manner. This is a huge marker off the known stories from the comic books. Because it contradicts the comic books on so many levels and went way off track with the origins of Mandarin you begin to question authenticity of the climax of the movie before you’re actually there. After the revelations of who is who, who is supposed to do what and who’s got the damsel in distress (guessed it right: Pepper Potts) we sort of realize what’s going to happen towards the end and all we, as an audience, have to do is sit tight and wait to see how Ironman beats Mandarin because obviously he has to beat him. You’d think that but, no. Ironman doesn’t beat Mandarin.


I can definitely say this. Even if they got various aspects of the movie wrong they got the finale down right. The astonishing VFX and the simply awesome climax is what got me. It is the scene which has made me a fan of Ironman. It is the scene which did not make me get in to my homework right outside the doors of AMC. I paid money to watch scenes like this in a movie. So, Marvel came around to the really amazing, VFX-induced, hardcore, adrenaline-filled, Marvel-like action after all. Tony Stark and Col. Rhodes (I haven’t mentioned him till now and I give the reason towards the end) are surrounded by Mandarin’s serum-injected, fire-powered goons and then an array of Ironman suits auto-piloted (or piloted by JARVIS, more or less) surround the whole harbor. Boy, oh boy! It is Christmas. It’s in this scene we get to know how Tony Stark gets to Mark 42. Ironman suits in various shapes, sizes, colors and abilities take out the goons while Col.Rhodes attempts to free the President. Stark occupies a suit and flies off to fight Mandarin and ends up destroying not one, but more than 3 suits fighting Mandarin and in the process managing to witness Pepper Pott’s death.


If you’ve managed to avoid the Spoiler Alert and read this post anyway and thought you should read reviews before you watch the movie, here’s a spoiler for you:

Pepper Potts dies, comes back to life, kicks Mandarin’s butt and then kills him with Tony Stark’s suit.
But the important part is, she looks hot doing it.


The way they ended the movie was a bit of a stretch. And don’t even get me started with the after-credits and how pointless it was.
I am inclined to say that the movie was good. I would encourage people to watch it.
I like Don Cheadle but I do not like War Machine/Iron Patriot. It’s just a stupid thing but I don’t like the character.

Here’s what I actually think, or rather, how I actually review the movie Ironman 3

On my Barometer (0-Frozen turkey; 9-Hot N Heavy) for Appeal the movie is a solid 8 , for Action it is 7.5 and for the Plot it’s a meager 6.2 !!

Wish you all a weekend full of movies.


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