I wonder what’s going to happen

Anticipations are the product of observations and expectations.
We hear a lot of people say or tweet that one shouldn’t have any expectations off another. Frankly, that’s the most mindless crap I’ve heard. Expectations are a distinguishable characteristic in a two-part relationship. And in our day-to-day lives we are constantly forming relationships- may it be loving, professional, platonic or  friendly. In all of these relationships expectations play a vital role. So when you expect and you observe the several on-goings of your better half or an institution you understand the parameters of result and before you know it, you are anticipating for the result to transpire. The result that you predict will happen may be with relevance to your better half or your work place. But anticipations transform in to a problem when either of the two happens:
One, you are given an entirely different result and you lose your calm or your wits creating internal conflicts and frustration. And two, the people, ie your better halves or your colleagues, do not know what result you were expecting and thus are misled with the notion that they have done a good job.

Anticipations, observations and expectations are three most significant characteristics in a scenario which one has to watch out for. There are several pros and cons one can list keeping the three in mind but I am sure I do not need to give any examples. We all have fallen victim to expectations and subsequently anticipations. I need not tell you why your boss thinks you have done a bad job when clearly you believe you’ve done the best as per your schools. We all hear about guys complaining to their friends about their seemingly ‘caring/loving’ gesture but as it almost always is, they’ve failed to win over the heart of their better halves.

In short, anticipations are the source of miscommunications.
I should make myself clearer: anticipations are the beginning or trigger to miscommunications. They do not solely cause the problem but they are part and parcel of it. To avoid the problem one follows techniques and methods to communicate more. But the trigger is still in place. Sure, communicating helps resolve most of the problems or at least communicating helps resolves most of a bigger problem. But how do we, in it’s entirety, get rid of the anticipations that lead to miscommunications, that is one of many other problems?
This country was built on logical reasoning, experience and strong-willed men and it was set in stone, so to speak. The United States of America was formed with a written agenda, an advocated legislature and a set plan to proceed along the years in the manner and style which would be adapted such that it best fit the primary vision. So is the case of the EU (European Union), the IMF (International Monetary Funds) and several other countries and profit/non-profit corporations. But that is on a larger scale. How do we resolve that issue at the bottom level, the individual level, in a society. Communication is an answer. The right manner of communication, clear and concise exchange of information, precautions in stead of problem-solving- these are, to name a few, effective means to carry out any process, at any level, more effectively and appropriately. It’s little things like these that set us apart. It’s not ‘the man with the bigger stick wins’ anymore. The idea of replacing anticipations with effective and evolved substitutes is Darwinian in nature. That is what ensures the advancement of one self, one state, one country, one world and eventually one species.


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