Take the time to make some sense

The title of this post is a lyrical truth from the song The Masterplan by the British band Oasis.
The thing about this line in the song is that when you read/listen you have to think about whether you are making sense or not. Let’s face it. We have so much knowledge (mostly little things you know which you’re never going to use) that we try to bring up in conversations or small talks just to be polite, make a point or simply talk. That’s a little bit off, don’t you think? I do. I talk a lot. I talk about so many things, with so many different people. It’s uncanny how I can come up with any absurd piece of trivia in a conversation and it gets categorized as non sense.
I was on my way home, alone, and listening to my favorite playlist (Oasis, Coldplay, Young Guns, Imgonen Heap, The Script) and I heard The Masterplan. When I got to the bit in the song which had the lyric as titled above, I stopped dead in my tracks. It was a moment of anxiety and madness. What the hell was wrong with me?! I was having conversations with a lot of people and they were pointless, spontaneous, and if nothing else, not leading anywhere. So, I thought to myself, I should make absolute sense in everything I say and I should be more aware of where a conversation leads, what the consequences are and if the person I am talking to is interested in what I have to say.

Imagine how I felt when I couldn’t follow through with that agenda of mine. I mean I could, of course, have a decent conversation with anybody but the base of all the conversations were trivia, innuendos, examples and basically, nonsense of sorts. Sure, there were important stuff to talk about too. Forms to fill out, homework to be done, jobs to look for, payments to be made and so many important things. But the crazy part was that I -this is only pertaining to me- had to talk the nonsense to make any conversation remotely engaging. I had to be funny, sound smart and show the person I was talking to that I was worth talking to. You wouldn’t be surprised at the conclusion I came to.

I was just going to have to talk nonsense now and again. Sure, I can make sense most of the times and I could probably deal with being completely disinterested in a conversation and still see through it. But I wanted to make the person I was talking to believe that the words I said had substance. My conclusion wasn’t so far off from what people subconsciously resort to. Small talk is basically nonsense and trivia is just the little things that make any conversations bearable. So I didn’t always have to make sense.

Take the time to make sense”  Maybe, I only had to take some time out to make some sense to myself. I might as well talk to myself and figure out the stuff that is apt for my life as it is happening now. That is me making sense. That is me, making sure, that my life is on track and I am doing the right kind of socializing and engaging in enough trivial banter and nonsensical (not even sure if that’s a word) conversations.

Now, that is on my end of the bargain. I would love to engage in such nonsense and talk to people about trivial matters. I would like to listen to people talk about their vat of nonsense just so they could hear mine.

If we have to make sense we also have to not make sense sometimes. I guess, that’s the only way you can explain it, the one in terms of the other. We just have to find the balance/ratio between sense and nonsense. I guess that would mean Christmas for the people I love to talk to and vice and versa.


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