The Mind

Once you’ve been around the world- for travel, work or study – you see many different things and you meet many different people. Some of the people you meet are brilliant and have amazing personalities and some people are those who you know you’re better off keeping some distance from. I’ve met young, budding entrepreneurs who found success in doing what they love and I’ve met those who are simple, yet charismatic, and follow the path laid out by society and academics. I’ve met people who are happier than I am and poorer and I’ve met people who are selfish, greedy and unhappy in spite of all the success they earn. Once in a while, you come across someone who is smart, adventurous, caring and down-to-earth.  They have The Mind.

The Mind is a theory, of sorts, postulating that there are certain individuals who set themselves above the norms and standards of any average individual or society and are a treasure chest of knowledge and characteristic personalities. These individuals are the ones that stand out in a group or society, seem to have their life figured out and are very comfortable with their self. These very smart and caring individuals are someone everybody wants to look up to and be inspired from. The individuals who are categorized in The Mind have a unique characteristic: the thirst for knowledge. They’re always on the prowl for more knowledge. They look at other people and learn. They observe trends in society and adapt. They strive to know more and by default, without any pre-emptive thought, strive for success.
The idea of a category of individuals in The Mind first came to me when I was watching a Bollywood movie (3 Idiots) in which the male protagonist says “It’s no use running after success for the sake of success. When you strive to work towards excellence, success comes to you in the most deserving way.” (It’s roughly translated from Hindi to English). After watching that movie I sought out to identify these people in The Mind and I found them in various spheres of my life. Some were long-distance relatives, some were passengers who shared a regular commute with me and some where people who enrolled in the same Statistics class with me.

The Mind is a very important distinction of people because I, as an individual, seek to learn more specifically about people and how they cope with day-to-day lives. They are not reluctant to share their wealth of knowledge and they don’t deny anybody the benefit of doubt. They have the potential of performing great things and more often than not these individuals stay true to their potential.
There is always something to be learned in this world. There are all sorts of people around us, different kinds of habitats we can study, several articles to be read on the subject of politics; just some examples of what there is to learn in this world.

Everybody has the potential to do great things in their lives, achieve immense successes in their fields but, there are some who are born with the gift of the thirst for knowledge. It’s easy to identify these individuals but difficult to surpass them. In this age, where competition is fierce and everybody is trying to do better than the next person, these individuals of The Mind are the ones to watch out for. You could sulk and whine and complain while you stress to achieve success and these fascinating individuals will walk the same path as yours and they’d achieve success smiling all the way to the top.

I am lucky to know some of these amazing individuals and am inspired everyday to strive towards excellence.


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