Heart feels Desire, Mind thinks Motivation

We all talk about what we desire in the heart of our hearts and about what drives us forward. Rarely do we listen to what our heart says and understand what our mind thinks. Think of a fine silk cloth with intricate artwork. There is careful and cautious design embroidered with woven strands of gold across the lush canvas of silk. Desire and motivation are like the designs on silk, part of the whole canvas. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that desires and motivations are entwined together. What we desire can only be achieved by the right motivation. How we motivate ourselves is always based on the intimacy between our desires and our heart. One can’t exist without the other.

All it takes is desire and motivations to get what we want. But, it is essential we know what we want. It may not be your lucky day if you’ve spent all your effort and time on a certain project and that project fails miserably. You probably wouldn’t feel you are at loss if you weren’t attached to the project. If you had no intention of pursuing that course in the first place then you’d probably expect failures along the way. Once you’re faced with a failure you clean your act, pick yourself up and move on to the next project that comes your way. But in your heart you know that you didn’t wish to pursue it. You didn’t feel intimate about it. You did it for the sake of it. I have some experience of how that feels; having to go through a seemingly endless process of working your way up to that Day of Judgment just to face a failure of a magnitude you think you cannot cope with. But it’s your failure that people will see. You may not feel like a failure if it wasn’t close to your heart. That is perfectly alright.
Desire plays an important part in understanding yourself. It gives you a base line of what you think you can achieve and how you will go about achieving it. The one thing that makes that desire a reality is motivation. Of course, there are several other forces at play; forces which can be measured and calculated. There wouldn’t be Fortune 500 companies if the founder of those companies simply desired that the company existed and didn’t do anything about it. Motivation drove those brilliant individual forwards. They propelled their self-worth forward, in the direction that they wanted to proceed.

An engineering student wouldn’t simply give up pursuing his/her career after failing a class. A mother doesn’t give up her love for her child when the child makes a mistake. A teacher wouldn’t quit if the percentage of passing students in a class was only 30%. When you have the desire, failure is just a minor obstacle in your way which is easily overcome. Instead of picking yourself up and moving on you learn, adapt and keep moving forward. Motivation draws in all the power and resources one can gather and that makes it possible to meet ones’ desires. Maslow probably had the idea of the Hierarchy of needs, specifically about self-actualization, once he understood the desire-motivation-achievement cycle of an individual’s life.

I would like to realize my desires and strive to achieve them. I would like to be motivated by myself and others to keep trying hard, keep moving forward and never stop. I would like to know my self-worth and satisfy my self-actualization needs. And I know, for a fact that there are numerous people out there who motivate others and themselves because they have met their desires. Our hearts feel our desires and our mind thinks about motivation. Let’s all strive to satisfy our hearts and give our mind some peace.


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