Nothing Stops Us

It’s a crazy world. For the best part of 25 years you learn more and more every day just to be able to fit in to society. It all comes in different allure.

“You better behave well. Only then will you get that toy.”

“Get a good grade in the test and then I’ll think about letting you go to the party.”

“Keep studying till you get a higher GPA. Then you’ll get in to the college you want.”

“Even if you don’t like your job you have to keep working so you can pay the rent.”

We hear those things along the course of our growth.  It is downright stupid. In all fairness, society itself calls for rebellion. I see the same damn template of a personality in everyone around me. Some of them turn out to be remarkable and admirable indeed. I won’t pry that away from those select few. But others merely seem to be going along the motions of reality. He did it, doesn’t mean you ought to do it too. Not as many people spend time people wondering. If a person discloses his curiosity a cocky response is generally followed: “You know, curiosity killed the cat”. It may as well have. But I am no cat. I am going to wonder why the bus driver chooses top stop for 20 minutes when he should be on the route. I am going to be curious about a news article in my college newspaper; an article about a boy who was shot to death. People put up these brilliant facades of what they’re not and we all recognize. We just don’t say anything, it is in fear of revealing our own self that hides behind our own facades. But, none-the-less we do recognize everybody’s facades. Some are very genuine. Either that or their facades are too bloody convincing. There is a point I am trying to make, indeed. People do what they want to do.

People do what  they want to do. People always have. People always will. We make it seem as thought it wasn’t our decision. In any given minute, our brain has the capacity to process terabytes of data, and subconsciously we do tax our brains as much. The car you bought was definitely of your own liking. It’s just a matter of exaggerating circumstances to your friends; “I dunno. I had a small budget”. Circumstances. That’s what alter our perception. And it is in these circumstances that we expect too much or too little. Within the limits of those expectations we make the shots and do what we want to do.

Just give it a thought. We do what we want to do. It’s our decision. It is on our head, indeed. So why not consciously do something that is indefinitely going to have a positive outcome? Yesterday, I helped out at a homeless shelter. It was the most satisfying experience I’ve experience in a long time. And yes, I did do it because I wanted to. I wanted to feel that good too. There’s no harm in a little greed. So while I am feeling greedy-feel the need to know that I’m doing something right- I should make good of it. I did what I wanted to do. I’d do it again too.

People do what they want to do. It is, however, up to us to see to it that we know the consequences of our actions.



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