Peter Capaldi: It’s not such a bad thing.


**Post may contain spoilers**
***You probably aren’t a Whovian if you don’t know this already***

Let’s talk about the picture above. Obviously, it is a fan art. BBC has nott revealed any pictures with Peter Capaldi’s inclusion in Doctor Who. Just as well, we won’t have anything to do with Capaldi until the Christmas special.

I read a lot of “concern” from Doctor Who fans across all media and, frankly, I was a bit surprised. Fans seem to have a very strong reaction to the fact that Peter Capaldi is the twelfth Doctor(I might add, in all the hullabaloo of the revealing of the twelfth Doctor, I can spell ‘twelfth’ without having to depend on autocorrect). But let me ask the fans this: What is so wrong about Peter Capaldi being the next Doctor?

It’s not a young man’s game, time travel. And the appeal has worked in the past. That’s how the bloody show began in the first place! Although, there may be several aspects to Capaldi’s Doctor which would have commonalities with the other eleven, he is going to bring a whole new dimension to The Doctor.

I honestly don’t see what Whovians have to worry about. Capaldi is an established actor. Moffat had something in mind for him, otherwise we wouldn’t be concerned in the first place. Plus, I am sure, Moffat is going to make Capaldi work to the bone. A lot is expected off Capaldi.

Matt Smith may have been new and relatively unaware at the  beginning of his era of The Doctor. But, with the growing popularity of Doctor Who, Capaldi has to strap on a bigger pair and match up to the expections of BBC, Whovians and The Doctor.

I’m going to let you decide for yourself if you are going to watch Capaldi’s Doctor with an open mind or not. My favorite youtuber, Paul Verhoeven, might add to my beliefs of Capaldi.

Whovians, this is the progress of the show. Let’s not begrudge Capaldi of this opportunity.


“What? You’re too good for Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor?”

*Click on the Image to watch the video*

Paul Verhoeven


2 thoughts on “Peter Capaldi: It’s not such a bad thing.

  1. Couldn’t agree more, I think Capaldi is exactly what the producers had in mind when they planned for a ‘trickier and fiercer’ Doctor. People sometimes forget that the outcome of regeneration is not age restricted. If anything I can see Capaldi blowing the likes of Smith and Tennant out of the water!

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