One World. Two Blogs.


A few days ago I was asked why I had two blogs and what was the point of having more than one blog. I got into a long discussion and I thought I might as well write about it because what I do (having two blogs) isn’t unheard of. 

My other blog is hosted on and that is mainly a media blog ( ). And I am proud of that blog as much as I am proud of my wordpress blog. But there are certain things, certain phenomenon on the internet which don’t belong to me. A set of unique ideas, an album of brilliant pictures, or magnificent piece of art; these were some of the things I found on the internet, which I loved, and wanted to showcase it to the few readers/viewers I have. 

My WordPress blog is where I write all my thoughts and my experiences. I would like to say that at the mark of my 1000th view, there is enough to read about me on this very webpage. 

My Tumblr blog, however, is a showcase of sorts. There are amazing people out there, extremely talented people, who have a certain knack for art or web design and so many other ilk. I just want to promote and share their works among my friends and family, my peers and colleagues, and my readers because, the work that these people do, the effort these people put into it is very admirable. 

I hope this answers the first question and encourages you to go over to my tumblr page and promote the best works of those who have proven to be more talented than myself. 



One thought on “One World. Two Blogs.

  1. Its about two different thought process that you always have in your mind. It would encourage you to have another blog where you write about food joints, restaurants and excellent dishes that you have enjoyed. I love reading your blogs…

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