Thor: The Dark World and she’s up all night to Get Loki #MovieReview


Step away from this platform if you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World yet and would like the suspense to last longer. Skip to the bottom of the post for my Ratings. 


So! Where do I begin?!
Of course! I know where to begin. THOR!! It’s in the title of the movie. Don’t go panting after Loki every time he comes on screen. Loki is brilliant, I know he is. But Thor has his moments too!! And yes, it is important to realize that this has been very much anticipated and we have all been waiting for this release to shed some light on the Avengers sequel. 
In a very Joss Whedon -ish way, this movie is funny, witty, splendid and GRAND! 

One of the important things to remember while watching this movie is that you make sure you watch it with someone who is equally or more excited about it as you are. And trust me, that will make the night all the more amazing. 

Marvel movies are great. They have found a place in our hearts and soul and it leads us to want to elect Joss Whedon as the Leader of Midgard. I, personally, would be very happy with it. But, getting back to Thor. 

Thor is a Marvel movie through and through. It’s explosive, orgasmic, detailed, perpetual, and pansexual. We know that Christopher Ecclestone (the Ninth Doctor) plays the evil Dark Elf, Malekith. A detailed narration from Odin at the beginning of the movie paints us a very vivid picture, and we have a new evil, ancient weapon that the Dark Elf wishes to harness. Unlike it’s predecessor, Thor: The Dark World portrays Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)’s deep woven involvement. And, it is great. No complaints about her. But with Sif (Jamie Alenxander) in the movie, I wasn’t looking at Natalie Portman too carefully. Sif is amazing. 

I wish I could say more, but you really have to watch the movie to be blown away by the gravitas of it all. The slaughter of Asgardian soldiers, the vulnerable appearance of a usually in control Loki, the rage of Odin, the death of a lovable and bad-ass character, the destruction of London(I cried at that bit), and so many more awesome bits in the movie!! You have to watch it!

Like my other movie reviews I have my own Barometer (0-Frozen turkey; 9-Hot N Heavy). Thor was an easy to rate movie: for Appeal the movie is a solid 8.0 (the non-marvel fans may not be so generous, but I would’ve given it 9.0); the Action is a very deserving 8.5, what with all the battleships flying into various realms and Thor’s hand being cut off; the Plot is a definite 9.0!! Unlike Ironman 3, Thor: The Dark World had a very stable and sustainable plot. There is much to be known, still. There is much to be found out. And it is evident that the story in Thor: The Dark World leads up to the Avengers sequel. 

Until later, then. 


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