Town Center

You can travel all around the world. You can live in many different places. You can call that one place home; that one place which gives you peace, offers convenient commute tot work and leisure activities to engage yourself in. But every town, however rural or urban, will have a town center of sorts. I’ve […]

I am from

First, here is something you should read before reading the following poem. It is not written by me. My sister wrote that poem as an English assignment (she is in the final year of high school). Like me, she has traveled around the world, lived in many places and has grown to be a beautiful, […]

50 Shades of Blue?

Lake Tahoe. 9th & 10th August 2013 There are brilliant places in this world;places that make you fixed in that one place in all of time and space. I’ve been to many places in the world: Cornwall (UK), Isle Capri (Italy), Coorg (India), Lake District (UK), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – all beautiful and magnificent places. […]


“And how are you liking it so far?” She asked, trying to keep the conversation alive. I would’ve done the same. It was an hour-long bus ride to the DMV office. “So far, all the right boxes have been checked. In all the comparisons of my varied lifestyle California has fared well.” I said, promptly. “That’s nice!” […]